The Person



Abhimanyu Ji is worshipped as a spiritual teacher and holy man in both India and Europe. In his talks and seminars Abhimanyu speaks about subjects like consciousness, meditation, awakening and personal freedom. He inspires his listeners to realize their selves and to find their way into universal freedom and love.

Abhimanyu Ji was born in Rajastahn in March 1985 as the first child of Guruji Mohan Lal Sharma and Nirmala Sharma. He has one sister, Ambika. From childhood on he has accompanied his father Guruji Mohan on his trips through India and Europe. He has met countless people in Europe and India who asked for help and bliss and received healing.

Abhimanyu Ji studied in Jaipur / Rajasthan where he received his PhD in Psychology as well as his Master’s degree in Philosophy. Abhimanyu feels at home in both Western and Eastern thinking. Abhimanyu is author of several books on clinical psychology and is teaching at numerous Indian schools and universities.