His Work


Abhimanyu gives lectures and offers seminars and visitor’s days.

His teachings include topics such as meditation, consciousness, yoga, self-realization and healing. People from diverse  cultural, religious and professional backgrounds meet Abhimanyu Ji. They bring questions from all aspects of life and ask him for advice.

Seminars and visitor’s days are open for everyone and free of costs.

Talks and seminars

Abhimanyus seminars are all about how to realize our selves and become free. He gives us no new religion and advices, no rituals oder special spiritual practice. He will not ask you to make this or that to become free. But he also does not tell you – for example – not to meditate or not to practice yoga. For a lot of people such practices can be helpful because they become more aware and feel better – and that is something good. But to experience the state of enlightment, we don’t have to do something. Abhimanyu says, there is no way – because enlightment is already here and now. Who is in the here and now sees very clear: We are not in the world – the world is in us. “Feel that you are the creator, that you create your world.”

Full of humor, with seriousness, honesty, intuition and spontaneity Abhimanyu speaks in the same way in front of little groups as in front of thousands of people. He invites everybody to come near to that indescribable thing: „unity”, „almighty“, „that“, „freedom“ or whatever we might call it . With metaphors, humorous and serious stories he encourages us to listen between the lines – in the space of silence – to discover the truth.

“…We make that journey, so that we can go beyond that ordinary world. But you will have to make the steps. And as much you come near to me, you have to listen between the sentences. Then you will listen that silence. And that is most important, that is the most important thing. There is no need to understand your past, there is no need to understand your future….” (Zurich 2012)


Visitor’s days and personal talks:

On the so-called visitor’s days it is possible to talk with Abhimanyu both in private and in a little group. Abhimanyu speaks in English and is accompanied by a translator if needed. Young and old come to the visitor’s days and bring questions from all areas of life.

Abhimanyu answers the people with enormous clearness and wisdom. Creatively und consistent he supports everybody who comes to see him to gain more self-responsibility and awareness. He shows his visitors directly and indirectly that everybody is the architect of his life and how they hinder the natural state of luck and happiness with their attitudes and habits.

Abhimanyu does not ask for money for his work. It is custom to offer the guru a fruit to show gratitude and the guru gifts back a fruit to the visitor.

You can find the current dates for visitor’s days under „Events„.